Nitrous Muscle Truck and Mini Bikes! – Roadkill Episode 18

A Vette-powered stepside truck. Nitrous oxide. Honda Trail 70s. Drag racing, and lots and lots of burnouts. Those are the basic plot points on this episode of Roadkill, as Freiburger and Finnegan have big fun with retro trail motorcycles on their way to revitalizing a long-neglected HOT ROD magazine project vehicle and road-tripping it to the eighth-mile drags. The vehicle is the Muscle Truck, a ’74 Chevy shortbed stepside beater powered by an all-aluminum Corvette LS6. It also has a Turbo 400 transmission, a Gear Vendors under/overdrive, a Ford 9-inch with 5.13 gears, and the most wicked sounding exhaust ever. The goal is to get thrown out of the dragstrip for going too fast without a rollbar, then race the minibikes instead. How much nitrous can the Muscle Truck take?... Read More | Share it now!

The One With The 2012 Lamborghini Aventador and 1985 Countach! – World’s Fastest Car Show Ep. 3.11

Justin Bell puts rubber to pavement in the House of the Raging Bull’s two most iconic creations, the Countach and Aventador. The drive can tell you more than any history book, and as the odometer accrues mileage, Justin gains insight into the impact the revolutionary Countach has had not only on its eventual successor, the Aventador but the experience aspect of driving as a whole. ... Read More | Share it now!

مقارنة سيكويا + اكسبديشن + يوكون + ارمادا قيادة حسن كتبي جدة

ياسادة ياكرام اهديكم تجربة ومقارنة بين 4 عمالقة تويوتا سيكويا + فورد اكسبديشن + جم ام سي يوكون + نيسان ارمادا قيادة حسن كتبي جدة
Comparison between Sequoia + Expedition + Yukon + Armada by Hasan Kutbi Jeddah Saudi Arabia... Read More | Share it now!

Behind Motor Trend’s Testing! Plus Bentley Performance & Subaru Safari – Wide Open Throttle Ep. 75

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle the crew sits down to discuss how Motor Trend tests their vehicles and what each test can tell about a car. Also on the agenda is Bentley’s performance version of the Continental, the GT Speed and the GT3. Epic Drives host Arthur St. Antoine is also on the panel to discuss his latest episode in which they went searching for the elusive White Rhino in South Africa.... Read More | Share it now!