10 Things About Deadpool 2 That Make Absolutely No Sense

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Finally, the wait is over. Fans across the world have been dying to see the new Deadpool movie pretty much since the first one came out, and we don’t think they’ll be disappointed. While it’s as funny, raunchy, and totally crazy as the first installment, there are some things about this movie that are downright confusing. From the entire time travel timeline that jumps around so much it makes Back To The Future look uncomplicated, to some post-credits scenes that are amazingly shocking but just add to our utter confusion. There is a reference to Logan that exists outside of time and space, and some juicy X-Men cameos that made us have to think twice about when exactly this movie is supposed to take place. We question why exactly Cable chose this moment to travel back in time when he has literally endless options to choose from, and raise the question: why did the writers decide that killing the character of Vanessa was the only way to motivate Deadpool to go on an adventure? There are some mutation-blocking collars that make for an interesting plot device but don’t make a ton of logical sense, and a final sacrifice from Cable that could probably have been avoided. Finally, we trace back Domino’s origin story to the comic books, and wonder why oh why the Celine Dion intro song wasn’t in a James Bond movie where it belongs?
The best thing about Deadpool is that it doesn’t care about the answers to these questions whatsoever, but it’s still fun to ask them anyway.


1. The Time Travel
2. The Post Credits Scenes
3. The Logan Reference
4. The X Men Cameos
5. Why Did Cable Come Back Now?
6. Killing Vanessa
7. The Collars
8. Cable’s Sacrifice
9. Domino’s Alliance
10. That Celine Dion Intro

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